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September 20, 2015


Welcome to teknodorks.com where we bring you reviews on everything from the latest and greatest household tech gadgets to the best techniques to slicing an apple. There are a few things in life that we love, new, innovative, and cool. Anything that falls under those categories and adds flare and a healthy dose of sophistication and improvement to our lives, we want it, and we want it now!

If you’ve ever waited in line for close to 5 hours for the latest release of your favorite smartphone or tablet, you know what I mean. Hey don’t except the false accusations and guilt trips from the people that don’t spend money the way you do, you don’t have any more issues than they do, they just hide their’s better. But when you’re telling time and taking calls simultaneously from your Google watch there’s no need for shame in the game.

These days it’s all about time efficiency, ease of use, and functionality. We want it bigger, better, faster and we want it now. Hey it’s not our fault, we live in a “microwave society.” Improvement is what keeps us looking forward to the next day. How can we do better? Where did we fall short? What can we change? These are all questions we should ask ourselves.

It is then, and only then we will learn to appreciate the important rolls the gadgets and devices play in our lives. Just leave your phone home one morning before you step out for the day, I guarantee either you’ll drive all the way back home to get it, no matter how far you must go, or you’ll drive yourself insane. You know it’s true.

So whoever you are reading this right now, whether you’re a gadget lover or a nonchalant website visitor, you will have to agree that to a certain degree it doesn’t really matter, because we all use the addictive devices to maintain our sanity anyway. So welcome, and we hope that whatever you’re looking for, we can help you make that ever so important decision on the next latest and greatest thing-a-ma-jig in your life.

Whether you’re a geek or a dork, a nerd or just a review reading enthusiast, welcome to the tekno dork family we welcome you with open ipads and canon cameras… Say cheese!


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