Samsung Note 7 Troubles!


October 19, 2016


The huge recall of Samsungs release of it’s latest flagship product, has come as a huge set back and an embarrassing mistake for the company especially in light of Apple, Samsung’s greatest competitor releasing, not long after that, their Tech 30.

Thousands of loyal customers have encountered frustrating, even dangerous experiences with the Samsung Note 7, including the phone literally igniting in flames. One unfortunate U.S. customer and owner of Torres Painting Co in the small town of Hendersonville TN, says “I was picking up my two youngest kids from elementary school when I realized that I needed to call my wife to let her know when to meet us at the park, as I reached for my phone, which was on the car charger, I noticed it was extremely hot, like way hotter than it had ever been! I set it down and almost immediately it burst into flames!”

Many similar stories have immerged from unhappy customers who have experienced their own unique horror stories regarding the Note 7.

Samsung (SSNLF) made a statement shortly after the issues arised saying they had found a difficulties with the batteries in a few of the phones and was discontinuing all sales of the Note 7 in a total of 10 countries. They eventually offered customers a replacement phone for free, to help replace over 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s that were sold.

Samsung stated “devices in China seemed to be fine because of the different battery supplier used. It is still unclear, however, if the phones that were sold in China would be recalled.

Samsung is granting all Note 7 buyers a gift card or bill credit of $25 or more, for their inconvenience.

According to Samsung’s executives, additional details about how the recall program will unfold will continue to be annouced. In the meantime, if you are a Samsung Note 7 user, contact your local Samsung retailer.

Most all of the retail stores, as well as online shopping malls, have discontinued sales of the Note 7 and are offering their customers refunds for the trouble.

Mobile carriers around the world, including Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T and others, have also began participating in the world wide recall of this deffective product.

Another Galaxy Note 7 user, reportedly told news reporters “I woke up around midnight with a terrible smell in the air as if something was burning.” He found his phone had melted. He than used his old phone to take pictures of the burnt Note 7. He was unsettled.

Samsung, a huge company based in South Korea,  has already been alerted to over 50 claims of faulty phones.

Needless to say this set back will greatly hurt not only the company financially but also will hurt the buyer confidence and trust in future products they plan to release. Hopefully not too many loyal Samsung customers will jump ship and join the ranks of the raving Apple fan base!

But what can we say? Mistakes are the price of doing business right? Hopefully these Samsung Note 7 troubles won’t be representative of any of the future releases. Keep your fingers crossed!

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